Balancing a Career And Philanthropy

Although the importance of work-life balance cannot be stressed enough, sometimes building a career and juggling a life outside the workplace may sound almost impossible. So how do you even fit in time for philanthropic causes?

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One way to do it is to start small. Little kindnesses like donating clothes to outreach centers or religious organizations that can distribute them to the needy or giving supplies to animal shelters are some things you can do without having to take a day off from work.

If even that amount of spare time is really hard to come by, some individuals do their part by donating a portion of their income to a chosen and trusted charity, often starting with 8 to 10 percent, but gradually increasing it over the years according to what they can afford.

That said, volunteer tasks can also be combined with your hobby or professional activities. For instance, there are organizations like Surgery on Sunday that lets doctors provide free outpatient surgical procedures such as mass excisions and tonsillectomies to eligible individuals. There also many examples of people all over the world donating time and skills to each less fortunate children how to read. People who find cooking or garden relaxing might want to volunteer at a soup kitchen or community garden, respectively – hobbies they might otherwise be doing at home.

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There are many ways to include philanthropy with your career, home, and social lives as long as you’re committed and sincere about wanting to give back. It may take some planning and deliberation, but it can be done.

Financial adviser Heather Weber makes sure to dedicate part of her time to charitable organizations such as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Military Affairs Committee, and the Junior League of Tampa. Follow this Google+ site for articles on giving back and more.


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