The A-Team: How Women Can Support Each Other In The Workplace

Climbing the corporate ladder can be challenging for some women. A company’s competitive atmosphere can drive her to focus solely on the goal to succeed. Ambition shouldn’t drive women to go against each other. Instead, this desire to be excellent at a job should lead them to support each other all the more. Here’s how women can support each other in the workplace:

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1. Networking.

In every company, there are women can get the job done. When they are part of a network, it becomes easier to reach out to them especially when it is needed the most. Making other women a part of one’s network also makes collaboration, communication, and finding support easier.

2. Promoting.

When a woman is doing great at work, other women should be celebrating her accomplishments. One way to do this is by promoting her project or by vouching for her in front of the company’s VIPs. Word of mouth still goes a long way in the corporate world. Instead of using it for gossip, use it to endorse another woman’s achievements.

3. Mentoring.

Women need other women they can look up to. And the best way to develop another woman’s talents and skills is through mentoring. Finding a mentee will allow a woman to share her experiences and offer sage advice. Mentoring will also help her to become more open to new ideas. As for the mentee, she’ll get to know a person who has already blazed the trail for her. This gives her the assurance that she’ll be able to succeed as well.

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Women need to come together and make a stand to prove that they have something unique to offer in the companies they work for. Instead of staying silent about their capabilities, they should take every opportunity to excel.

Heather Weber is a philanthropist, female empowerment advocate, and karate enthusiast. For articles on women in the workplace, follow this Twitter account.


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