Three Business Traits All Successful Female Executives Have

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Successful women executives share key personality traits. Survey shows only four percent of C-level executives in the Fortune 500 companies are women. And many industry experts expect that percentage to increase in the future; the benefits that women executives bring to a business only being studied and validated now. Yet, there still is the question as to how this is possible. Economists list down three traits.

A disregard for underrepresentation: Every single female CEO interviewed said that they achieved their position because they never felt their gender or sexuality to be a contributing factor to their success. It is true that there is currently a lack of women executives across all channels, but this was never seen as an issue. There have been improvements, though; recent surveys say that the number of MBA students who are women is almost reaching gender parity.

A taste for trends and risks: Typically, women executives are those who don’t go into traditional avenues. Successful female leaders are those that make the world work for them rather than try to fit in with conventions. This means understanding trends and maximizing whatever opportunities there are there. This also means having a healthy tolerance for risks.

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A passion for education: Across all fields, successful women business executives are those who completed their MBA. Not only did this provide them with the skills and prestige that comes with such a master’s degree, but it helped build a network that can be leveraged for better opportunities.

The most important thing for all women to remember is that while the current status is a predominately male executive world, this is something that is already changing and evolving.

As a woman executive, Heather Weber supports fellow women who are rising through the ranks especially in a predominantly male workplace. Subscribe to this blog for more related updates.


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